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How do I make a drumming practice pad wth office supplies? Answered

Or how can I make something like this with office supplies: http://store.drumbum.com/skuA-115.html


The link you have provided shows drumsticks with a rubberized stopper on the tips, except the title asks for a solution to a drumming pad. Confusing.

If you want to make it out of office supplies then I'd suggest a mouse pad over plywood. It's cheap, easy, and if you need to make another you'll have no problem finding more pads, they're everywhere!

Two layers of esd matting glued one over the other over a piece of .5" ply makes a very good pad it feels just like a snare drum the matting is pretty expensive unless you can get some for free.

Erasers, but to be honest it won't last long... maybe not even one session. Harder plastic erasers (like the cheap novelty erasers you sometimes see) might be better but probably will make more noise. You could wrap several layers of crumpled paper around the tips of your sticks and secure it with rubber bands, but I'll bet it wont feel very well balanced and it will be rather ungainly. On that note, our practice "drum" was just an unopened package of computer paper. It lasted for several years. Your best bet is to try stuff. Though I might mention that your development process could quickly cost you more than the $5-10 it might cost for you to get these at your local music shop. Best of luck.