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How do I make a few LED's flash at the same time, not to fast, but not to slow, using very few parts. Answered

I want to make some LED's flash together without using to many complicated parts and very few parts. I just want to build a simple circuit to do the job, nothing to complicated or expensive. If anyone could show me a simple way to do this it would be very much appreciated.


There are blinking leds - they've got the circuit built in...that would be 'simplest' If you want an led flasher, google "bowdens hobby circuits" and look at his 2 transistor flasher. It uses 2 transistors, 2 leds or 1 led and 1 diode, and a capacitor/resistor to blink one, or alternate between 2.

Thanks for the advice Do you know what the blinking LED's proper name is and where I can get some I also tried the 2 transistor flasher on the web site but it didn't work, if you would be able to help me with a few more specific details on the types of parts or what you did you do to make yours work (if you did make one). Thanks for replying to the question, it should be a big help. Thanks again.

. Search for "blinking LED" and/or "flashing LED". I also saw what looked like some good links to circuits, too. . . A 555 circuit might be easier. YMMV.

All the stuff I've made from bowden's site have worked (almost exclusively the led blinky stuff)... Only times it doesnt are when I have fried transistors...

All right I will make sure that the parts are in good condition and that I connected it up properly It is a great site though Thanks