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How do I make a garden hose hanger for a 200ft hose to hang on a 4X4 post? Answered

I need it to be somewhat easy to make. The storebought hangers eventually break.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Ive seen people use a car wheel without the tire. Just drive a stake through the wheel into the post.

You can make a simple garden hose hanger with a nice piece of 4 x 4 wood about 5 or 6 feet high staked into the ground.  Onto the wood, you could drill a metal hanger type fixture that you can buy from any Home Depot.  It's an easy solution and cheap compared to some water hose hangers for sale.

I have been thinking of a car wheel without the tire. I guess I could go to a junk yard. Even if it is bent it wouldn't hurt, then they might give it to me.

That's a heavy hose! I'd use galvanized tube for chainlink fences and some fittings.