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How do I make a hand driven flour mill? Answered

I thought it woud be fun to grow wheat next year and mill the flour myself. Any ideas?



Best Answer 7 years ago

I killed one coffee grinder using it to grind rice into flour. Today I bought a small Hamilton Beach coffee and spice grinder at KMart that seems to handle small jobs nicely. It is tedious to use to create large amounts of flour, and I have no idea how it will old up to long term use. I have a couple old-fashioned meat grinders, but they are definitely NOT efficient for grinding grains. They will give you lots of exercise, though. I have a couple spare Carborundum grinding stones on hand and I'm trying to think of a way to use those. As usual, however, my imagination outstrips my practical knowledge and ability!

Try putting grain on top of a flat stone and put another flat stone on top and set yourself ontop of it on your knees and turn yourself around. once you think your finished, poke some holes with a needle in a box and put the crushed grain into the box and shake it back and fourth(be sure to have another box underneath to catch the flour.)and reapeat the steps until you have enough flour.

Sorry I didn't get back sooner. I have been told not to ruin a coffee mill doing this. I have tried to look through Google at the process, which has been around for thousands of years, without much success.

Have you considered how to thresh the wheat (knock the seeds off the stem)?  Or how to harvest it?  Or how much you are going to need for even one meal (a pound of seed is a LOT of plants)?  Or how to get the chaff (seed coats) off the seeds?  Or if you are going to remove the germ before grinding?

For small quantities, a coffee mill would probably do the job.

For larger quantities, consider making your own grindstones, possibly moulded out of concrete?