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How do I make a long nozzle for a silly string can? Answered

I had an Idea for a Silly String firing Dalek Gun. Anyone have any ideas on how
to rig a long nozzle to reach the end of the Dalek gun barrel?



1 year ago

The pressure release has to be moved to the left most tip .

Otherwise it will clog the firstime.


Answer 1 year ago

(THINKING) - I'm wondering, is there a way to adapt the can, or use a thin tube like a coffee stirrer or a tube you find on those WD40 oil cans. Is there a long enough tube the thickness of a oil can tube you can buy? Ive seen a video where you can make actuate recipe silly string.

--- I do plan to make a tube running from the can to the tip of the barrel. Is just how, that stumps me. What tube to use, where can I find that size tube. Will it jam in the small tube? Will making a container with a recipe silly string & custom valve be nedded?


Answer 12 months ago

Have you already tried using one of those WD40 tubes? To see if that works. If so, do you have a video so we can see what happens?


12 months ago

It depends on your equipment. If you had access to a lathe you could turn an adaptor for any size tube.

If not you limited to either buying or finding a suitable sized tube (no idea where) or making the hole in the existing nozzle big enough fir what tube you can find.

n the other hand you could make your own pressure vessel with a long nozzle and vent the silly string into that vessel, Silly idea I know.