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How do I make a mascot? Answered

I want to make a mascot for my work. 7 feet high pair of pants. Where should I start? Where can I buy materials needed? Thanks for any help.



I would build a pair out of chicken wire, cover in paper, paint and varnish.

Make them large enough, and you could stand inside a leg to walk them around. Leave a viewing window, though...

I was thinking of using PVC pipe but I need it to be round at the top. Do you think I could use a small section of chicken wire and then have the fabric hang off of that? I was going to try to build a shoulder harness that would have pipes going up into the top of the pants. I need to be able to dance around in them..to a degree of course. Thanks for your help.

That sounds feasible. Maybe a swimming noodle for the curve?

great idea thanks....I will share pictures when I get it started.

Check out the "related" column on the right of this page for some ideas.>>>>>

Thank you so much for your help. =)

Costume or free standing?

Either way you'll need to go to a fabric store to get the material you want to use for the outside. Unless you plan to use a painted tarp or something.

Costume..for corporate events and outside promotions. What type of fabric do I need to ask for? I have a seamstress that works for me so the sewing won't be a problem but I want fabric that will last for a while.