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How do I make a mold for a severed arm on the cheap? Answered

I am trying to make a mold of my arm for Halloween, I am going to use ballistics gel for the actually mold itself



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Cover your arm with vaseline and stick it into a bucket of plaster of paris. Wiggle your fingers and arms as it dries so you can remove it easily once its completely dry. Pull out your arm and squeeze three or four tubes of 100% silicone caulk into the cavity. I would use silicone because you can get the cheap stuff for a $1.99 a tube. I would save the ballistics gel for a more in depth project. Let the caulk dry, crack the mold, pull out the silicone mold and paint it. Only thing i am unsure on is the paint. I am not sure what type of paint that would stick the best to silicone. We used to make molds of our face out of plaster and fill them with jello, silicone, or plaster to make a positive. They turned out really nice as long as you use vaseline, if we didn't, it would rip off hair and skin.

DO NOT DO THIS! You will hurt yourself. You should use another material. You want something that isn't exothermic (heats up while it hardens) and is flexible enough to release your hand or arm. Below is a video of something that is safe and achieves the same result. You don't have to use this company's product, but something like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=145TDzTXluU

DO NOT DO THIS! Plaster get hot as it sets - very hot in large amounts.

Think about it - You will NOT be able to get your arm out Every year several students do this with a hand or arm and many end up having fingers amputated to free them.

The mould MUST be in 2 parts split down the length of your arm and use a thine layer of plaster and bandage - no more than required to support the shape - more cn be added later once removed.


Looks like a good instructable to me.