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How do I make a mono wheel? Answered

one of theese things...

Pedal or motor powered


where can I find instructions step by step on how to build one?

Try http://www.theriotwheel.com/

Or google riot wheel. Lots of pics and videos that'll amaze.

Invented by Jake Lyall whom I think should get a Nobel prize for thinking out the box.

If I could get plans for his Mk1 or Mk2 I'd build it for sure. The Wife and Kids can starve. I don't care!

Have you had any luck finding the wheel??? His sort of appears to be pneumatic, but I bet it is a Rubber Hose joined somehow. .. No Valve stem

pay the guy who owns the patent to build you one dude has got 2 kids and you'd be ripping him off if you tried

The guy who came up with the first one is really dead ,French I think . This guy may have a patent on certain parts of this design but ,the first one was designed more then 100 years ago and patents don't last longer then 20 years in the USA . So you could search for patents on this idea on some of the free web sites . Try an image search on google and check it out .I believe there are gear teeth on the inside of the big wheel that the small gear powered by the pedals drives , some just use friction which would be much easier .Someone designed a motor driven one called the Land Surfer in " Belgium ? " a few years ago . I don't know if it got into production . They look cool but , I believe they are really hard to control ? Good luck and please post an Instructable after you build one or at least pictures . The same thing called a Monovelo was in the closing of the Being Olimpics and check out Mono Roue . YouTube has multiple entries on how to ride them . Go figure !

This reminds me of Mr. Garisons device-torture thing... :P

It looks pretty simple, it's a wheel with a smaller ring inside with some smaller skating wheels around the perimeter to keep the bigger wheel on, then a seat, handlebars and a sprocket and pedals attached to another skating wheel that turns the big wheel.

Well, considering that (going from the article that pic is from) at least a few of those pieces were custom fabricated, you'd need quite a bit of metalworking skill. Or money to pay a skilled metalworker. As for designs, I got nothing. Sorry. Though if you find anything, gimme a heads-up.

find a mostor truck wheel, get in, start running like in a hampster whell, and go downhill