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How do I make a pattern from an existing piece of clothing? Answered

I have a wrap skirt I love, but can't find a pattern that replicates it. How do I make the pattern and determine how much yardage I'll need?



9 years ago

This is how I do it. I put a blanket on the table or floor. Then I put a big sheet of paper on it. On top of it goes my garment, which I pin it down on all the seams with pins into the blanket Then I mark all the seams with a pin (or a pin-tracing wheel) carefully through the garment. I unpin it and there is the pattern pin-traced on the paper. I take if of the blanket, double-check the measurements and true the line with a ruler or french curve. Then I adjust the garment for another piece and pin again. Here is an example on my old sewing site (no longer updated)

Thank you so much. my daughter loves to sew but it is hard to find lessons for her in my town. she had made few garments and wanted to know how to make a pattern.

If you don't want to take the piece apart, then you have to spread it out as flat as you can and start transferring seams to a piece of paper. Sometimes you can do a lot with a ruler, measuring lengths of seams and building it up from those. Don't forget seam allowances, and watch the fabric bias (which way it stretches). Yardage is difficult, both because of patterns and bias. You may need to take the pattern pieces down to the fabric store on a quiet day and start laying them out on your fabric of choice.