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How do I make a proximity sensor that is specific to something small/light (I will hang it from a cat's collar)? Answered

Pretty much what the title says.  Trying to get a proximity sensor for when one cat walks up, but not the other (thought to hang a target on one cat's collar).  That way a device can run when one cat comes close, but not the other.


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You can buy RFID-triggered cat-flaps already, which should be easy to modify to run your "device".

Was going to mention that but then thought i'd ask about distances first since RFID has its limits.

Trying to get a proximity sensor for when one cat walks up,

....made me think this wasn't a distance application - although, with a LOT of trickery, you can get sensing ranges into the hundreds of feet from some RFID tech.

That way a device can run when one cat comes close

....only if you have to be the device operator and the device is a can opener.

We keep ours on their toes by trying to be as quiet as possible at feeding times.

Doesn't work though.....

All of the cat food cans I have seen lately (5 or ten years now) have tear off lids. No opener needed. Its now that pop and tear sound that gets attention. Trouble is a lot of people foods come with those now also. Open a can of soup and its instant audience.


6 years ago

Cats are pretty smart and observant. It would not take long for them to figure out that one of them turns something on. The others would be waiting for the "On/Off kitty to do its thing so they could get in on the action, provided its something that they want or are interested in.

Although ---- I have one cat who has figured out how to clean the stuff from the bottom of a can or bottle. He sticks his paw down into it and wipes it and then licks his paw. The others watch him do this but they don't appear to be able to learn it from him. They only lick the top of the can as far as they can reach into it with their tongue. Then they watch as he gets the rest but none of them have ever tried to use his trick.

So you want some sort of a tag to put on the cat's collar that a reader can detect to activate something? What will be the approximate distance between the tag and the reader?

What may work would be an IR detector on the device end and an IR LED on the cat's collar.