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How do I make a pulley system to lift a model train display table, while keeping the table horizontal? Answered

My son wants to be able to permanently keep his model train layout fully made up, but we have no space in the house.  I was thinking of making a model display table for in the garage but need a way to easily lift it into the roof space for storing.  The table would need to be kept horizontal while lifted otherwise the trains would fall off the tracks.  I hope the table to be approx. 10' x 6' and presumably lifted from a minimum of 8 points (4 corners + 2 on each long side)


I was gonna write it all out, almost exactly as you stated -- you just saved me effort. Cookie for you!

I'm very interested in the pulley setup for the tractor rooftop you designed, but it is very different than what re-design described. I would very much like to understand it. I have a 60 pound panel I need to raise and lower and this look exactly what I want to install (manybe even motorized). I understand the line from the winch to the double pulley down to the panel to the single pulley and back up to the same double to the lateral double and so on. I'm confused at the end of rope tie off? One pulley of the double would be occupied by the vertical run so you tie it off on the unoccupied pull as an anchor?

I would be greatly appreciative for any insight.

Same image I used before for a similar question:

In this case it was 'removing the roof from a tractor' -- similar can be done with 8 pulleys and 1 draw rope, giving 16x lift advantage on the rope. Use low friction pulleys and add a centered, hanging weight to the center to lower the overall center of gravity -- that way it will lift level.