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How do I make a rope halter for a horse? Answered


For a traditional rope halter—one that uses a Fiador Knot—there's a detailed book available from http://hosbooks.net/ on how to make custom-fit rope halters for any size horse. Best of all, a set of 15 illustrations cover a very easy method for tying the Fiador Knot—that's the attractive braided-looking knot located above the lead rope loops. Here's a photo.

Fiador Knot.JPG

http://www.naturalhorsesupply.com/tiehalter.shtml has a great step by step diagrammed simple rope halter with sizing charts for horses. I've used the plans to tie about a dozen halters for animals ranging from mini donkeys to a draft horse. I buy the rope at the hardware store- you can usually find it cheapest in hundred foot lengths, and make about 4 halters out of one coil.