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How do I make a scratched cd play in my wii system? Answered

I have a wii and my wii "play" cd wont play its a little scratched up do I resurface it somehow? clean it? what do I do I dont want to go buy a new one.


Really the only whey to repair a scratched cd is to drop a couple hundred bucks on a professional scratch repair machine. Tooth paste or peanut butter never works at repairing scratches trust me.

.  I've never had any luck trying to repair scratched CDs myself. :(
.  But I have had great luck with taking them to a video store that has a polisher they use for their rental DVDs. Only had one disc (out of about a dozen) that couldn't be saved. Call around to your local video stores (and possibly music stores) and see if you can find someone with a disc polisher. I paid $2/disc, but may have gotten a volume discount; shouldn't be more than $5 or so to polish one disc.

As has been said, there are scratch repair kits that can remove some defects. However, if the scratches are on the label side, or if the scratches aren't scratches at all but are in fact delaminating aluminum, then your best bet would be contacting the source of the CD to see if you can order a replacement.


7 years ago

There are several ibles for repairing scratched CDs and DVDs. I can't say if they actually work or not. I have taken a few to my local DVD rental store and asked them to polish them for me in their disk scratch repair machine, which they did.

If the scratches are shallow, that's reasonably likely to work.

If they're deep -- and especially if you've managed to scratch the reflective layer, which isn't likely in a manufactured CD but can happen with recordable CDs which keep this closer to the surface -- it may be an ex-CD.

If your CDs are getting scratched, you are doing something very wrong.