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How do I make a simple, homemade, wind/water powered pump to extract water from a stream and pump up 10ft? Answered

Anyone know to make a homemade wind/water powered pump to extract water from a fast flowing (shallow - 1ft) stream at the end of my garden and pump water up 6 - 10ft and then around my garden to feed plants and animals?


Hydraulic ram will do that easily https://www.instructables.com/id/Hydraulic-Ram-Pump/

Good answer, but what about the "end of my garden" part?
The pump needs a fair head, so the inlet is quite possibly going to be upstream at the end of someone else's garden..?


Fast flowing water - Maybe the garden is wide - could be acres. The stream at the bottom of my garden is about 200 yards away from the house but unfortunately not fast flowing, in fact hardly flows at all.

Wind is unsteady, " As Long as the Water Flows "