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How do I make a string of LEDs light up in several patterns? Answered

I'm working on an elaborate project for my room, and I already have store-bought strings of LEDs but I'm wanting to concoct something of my own.

The project is a re-creation of the Big Board from the classic  game show Press Your Luck. The entire assembly consists of eighteen squares arranged six across and five down, should stand 36" across and 30" down, and I wanted one LED per square. I was hoping to have seven light patterns:

1. Quickly light up in a chain starting from box 1 (very top left), clockwise to box 18 (just beneath box 1).
2. Quickly flicker one at a time through all eighteen boxes, not in numerical order (it can be seen in the video below).
3. Quickly light up one at a time starting from box 1 to box 18 a few times (let's say...ten times).
4. Blink a few times (let's say...ten times).
5. Chase each other in a 1&2-3&4-5&6 pattern.
6. Stay on for ten seconds.
7. Slowly fade off.

If you need visual help, check out a few seconds of this video:

So, my questions are:
1. Is there any way I can do this, be it fancy wiring, a computer program or both?
2. If not, is there any way I can complete, at least, any specific combination of the seven ideas above?

*Sorry for any confusion.


How much do you know about electronics ?
This is crying out for something like an Arduino and something like an Allegro A6276 for the LEDs.

The rest is software.


I do know a little about electronics. Since it's a simple design, I'm familiar with any equipment that I might need, and of course I have a laptop to run and install programs into a computer chip. I took computer science in high school (Turbo) and there are guides on the Arduino website, so it's not as intimidating as I though it would be. :)

LEDs to light big boxes will have to be pretty bright BTW. You'll be better with more than one LED per box.