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How do I make a transparent light box? Answered

I want to get some of this thick transparent plastic from a lowes and make a cube frame and put led lights inside so the box will glow. Im not too much of a diy person so I wanted to see if anyones done this before. Welding it is not an option, I want it looking clean cut and professional. 4 feet high by 3 and 3 feet. Im going to put a led light panel inside so I can change the mood lighting. I have a somewhat blurry picture which I saw of someone elses.



7 years ago

You could make the frame out of wood trim. One type is actually "L" shaped, and would be perfect for this. You could spray paint it with metallic paint if that's the look you're going for.

Depending on the plastic, you could just chemically weld the panels to each other at the edges... or glue them, or possibly even tape them neatly. Slightly different effect, admittedly.

Actually, metallic tape, carefully applied, could mimic what you've shown us very well indeed. It wouldn't be very strong structurally, but if that matters you could consider chemical weld for strength and metal tape for appearance.

Much easier than actually trying to construct a frame...

That's a great idea.

Actually, carefully applied, the metal tape (look in the air conditioning aisle) is going to be pretty strong.

That's setting in some sort of frame, probably metal ? What kind of thickness can you get from Lowes ?