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How do I make a wooden container that will be watertight? Answered

Trying to make a barrel/miniature water tower yet I can't get the wood in place while staying airtight.  Any instructions on how to do this?


You could simply hang a plastic bag like a trash bag or something on the inside. The barrel provides the stability and the plastic holds the fluid.

Alternatively you can treat the inside with several different things depending on how large the gaps are and what you have available. This could include stuff like:

Have you coopered the struts you've assembled the barrel from ?


+1 I'm not sure what scale youre working in, but a metal strap bander (like for banding bunks of lumber) will help. They are commonly used to make great homemade wooden hot tubs.

You could chink it with oakum and seal with hot tar.

If all the parts are a close fit, a good layer of varnish should do the job.

If you want to do it a more traditional way, you can put a narrow groove between each piece, so you can just push a piece of natural cord into it, so it will expand, and fill the join when wet.