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How do I make a wooden inlay and then install it into a guitar headstock? Answered

The inlay will be block letters made from cherry or mahogany and the guitar headstock has a rosewood veneer.



10 years ago

If you look up 'inlay guitar how-to OR make' on Google, you get pictures : ) First, cut out the letters. If the wood is veneer (thin like paper), you might be able to use a SHARP knife. Then, trace the letters on the wood. Outline the tracing with a sharp knife, then carefully carve away the wood inside to not quite as deep as the letters are thick. Test the letters-you probably have gaps, hopefully small ones : ) Glue the letters in. Sand down to the background level, but keep the sawdust. Add some glue to the sawdust and fill in the gaps, re-sand. Re-lacquer, polish. I would suggest that you practice a few times : )


Answer 10 years ago

Oh, and look for the instructable : )