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How do I make an attractive toilet paper shield to keep my 7 cats from shredding my TP? Answered

Please don't tell me to "turn the roll around" or to lock the cats out of the bathroom. These are not feasible. The kitties shread the roll no matter position it is in, and we've got one litter box that MUST be in the bathroom. I have 7 cats, and they need a box in almost every room in the house. I've been keeping the current roll in the cabinet, but I'm getting pretty sick of having to hide the roll every time I go to the bathroom. There has to be a better way. I want ideas on how to make a simple, attractive, and durable cover for the toilet paper roll. I'm almost ready to go out and buy a commercial cover, but I think they are hideous -- great gargantuan hunks of plastic. Much thanks for ideas... Jamie, Boots, Mousie, Minnie, Domino, Beaners, Choppy, and Winston


My incredibly intelligent husband fixed this problem in our house.  He purchased a $1.50 tupperware type container with a hinged lid and using an x-acto knife he cut out an area of the bottom that would fit over the tp holder.  He used double sticky tape to secure it to the wall and then inserted the tp.  Just open the "door" to access tp!   

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This is an AWESOME idea!!!!! I just happened to have the same Sterilite container. My TP holder is the "hook" type with a single point of contact to the wall. I just made 2 screw holes at the top center of the container and reattached it to the wall with the container between. It took a little finagling to get the TP roll back on, but once I did it works perfectly! Just snap the door closed after dispensing and the cat cannot get to it.

my kitty has learned how to open our bathroom door, all on her own! We have pocket doors in our bathroom, so no good way to keep her out. So I'm in the same boat! I found a neat idea on pinterest for a diy cover using a 2L bottle, so I might try that or buy one of these: Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover because they're cute looking. Hope you figured it out!

I was at my wits end with our kitty shredding all the toilet paper so I came up with this easy DIY toilet paper guard that is cute too! http://www.amarmielife.com/2014/03/diy-kitty-toilet-paper-guards-marmie.html

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You need a Stowbee! Try this product! It may just solve all problems and adds an attractive, paintable solution to those pesky pet problems with toiletpaper! www.stowbee.com

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8 years ago

When one of my cats began unrolling the toilet paper as a kitten, I simply took a sheet of aluminum foil and draped it around the roll and it broke her of this habit quickly.  Cats don't like aluminum foil unless it's rolled into a ball for them to chase.

I logged before I realized that my solution is the one you don't want to hear - turning the roll around works with our one paper-curious kitty.

There are some modern metal toilet paper roll holders that are attractive, although I'm not sure they're kitty-proof, and they're not cheap. But there is one design by Blomus that wraps around the roll completely that might be a starting-off point for a DIY design, and it also looks kitty-proof. In fact, it looks kitty-proof to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if the designers might have had certain felines in mind when they sat at the drawing board. It also looks like an idea that might be DIY-able fairly easily.  

Here is the product page link: www.blomus.com/blomus.php
In case that takes you to the main page, select USA as the country, then go to Pure Wellness >> Tarro and you'll see the product image.

As to how to DIY it, two ideas come to mind. One would be to start with an aluminum can of the right dimension, cut out both ends, cut a seam down the center, securely tape off all sharp edges with duct tape, cover the item in metallic contact paper (or pattern of your choice)... and.... I'm a bit stuck thinking how to mount it to the wall. Is it possible to somehow attach or glue the backing of a standard toilet roll mounting to that? 

Second idea would be to start with a plastic container of the right dimension, like a recycled beverage bottle, or maybe even a new Rubbermaid-type storage container of the right shape and size (because the material is sturdier). Then proceed same as with the aluminum container, i.e., cut off both ends, cut a seam down the center, tape off the edges for safety and smoothness, cover the item in metallic contact paper, and somehow fasten it to the wall.     

How about one of the jewlary boxes that are rectangular in shape made to look like a kitchen section ... I wish I had an example but if the commercial ones dont suite you I would go to a flea market and look for a box like widget thing with a door and an easy to ripp off backing, then just get some super glue and glue it over your TP :D

Cut a section out of a bottle. Probably a 1 or 2 litre bottle. Cut the section out of the middle of the bottle so that it is the same width as the toilet paper roll. you should now have a hollow cylinder. Cut a straight line all the way along it so that it can flex to the shape of the toilet paper roll. It ain't all that pretty but it should get the job done and hey its free!

THAT is a fantastic idea! Thank you! (Don't worry about the "ugly"... I can spruce it up!