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How do I make an easy green screen for extremely cheap? Answered

I only have five dollars.



Best Answer 9 years ago

An old King-size waterbed mattress? Tarp? Painter's canvass? Old Stage Panels? Painted sheets? A plain wall/side of a building? Um, imagination can go a long way....

in some party stores they sell green paper tablecloths for real cheap

you could use a paper table cloth but you may only get one or two uses out of it

get an old sheet and dye it green!

You buy a long 9x12 length of muslin fabric. If it doesn't come that wide, you'll have to sew. but it's cheep.

A blue screen might be easier to find, so don't rule that out Try looking for a tarp, I know I've seen some blue ones when I go camping If you need something small like just for a face, I've heard of people using LCD screens like on a tv I'll post again if I remember anything else

I would do blue screen, its just that my actors wear a lot of blue frequently.

I've used a painted wall and have seen a sheet painted and hung between 2 poles.