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How do I make an elastic powered vehicle which will transport and egg 2 metres up a ramp with a 35 degree angle? Answered

Basically, we must use an elastic band and there is no catapult allowed. The ramp is very steep and we can't use batteries or anything. We were thinking something to do with weights. Please help! We tried knex, but it ended up being too light. And it needs to go against gravity!


go to toyota and buy a 3rd or 5th hand car

A small barrel or drum (like a coffee tin).

Stretch the band from end to end inside the drum.

Suspend the egg from the middle of the band so that it sags down.

Roll the drum three or four metres backwards, then release.

this is similiar to the "funny barrel" or whatever the classic kids toy is called. I think using that idea for this application is a Great idea! simple, cheap, effective. just be careful, make an egg harness so you dont break it.

put a spike (i used a tan lock from knex) on the rear axle wrap the rubber band around it then attatch it to a fixed point. so when you pull the car back the rubber band gets wound up and when you let go the car goes forward.

Make a 2 meter tall vehicle that falls over? Put a brick in your knex vehicle to add weight? Big wheels with the band on the axle? The Barometer way...(offer payment of an elastic band to place the egg at the top of the ramp)