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How do I make an inexpensive solar panel for a high school science project? Answered

hello. i am a sophomore and for my chemistry class, i have to do a science project. i was thinking about making an inexpensive solar panel, but i have no clue how to build it.


Youtube user Nurdrage has a great video on how to do this with ITO glass, and rasperries! I'd check his video out!

you could make it by doing a long and not very complicated methid with a copper sheet and some other stuff. search it in you tube.


The link will take you to the information you need for building a Solar panel from individual cells if that is what you wish to do.
You can buy inexpensive cells, either broken or whole, through ebay. These will mostly have an output of 0.5 volts and range from 100ma to several amps.
You can also buy small "Bot" kits that assemble into a little Solar Powered critter like the one pictured. You may be able to extrapolate on that idea and morph the critter into something including your own original ideas.
I hope this helps.