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How do I make an interactive flash map like this "http://www.thenational.ae/article/20081026/ONLINESPECIAL/679771484"? Answered

I have the images for a bus route based in a vity and I want to make an interactive flash map similar like the one shown in the link. I want to add zoom and things like that. I'm trying to do it with flash but its a pain in the @$$. How do I get about doing it?



9 years ago

Have you looked into Google maps yet?

You can draw your own lines and shaded areas that people can enable/disable as they see fit.

Using Google maps also means things like businesses schools and other points of interest can be included.

To get really fancy there are little apps that can be created, or choose from the ones other folks have done.  I like the topographical overlay, because I bike alot and plan routes that won't have me going uphill both ways.

Anyway, playing with Google's options helps give ya good ideas for things to include.

Hope this helps,


9 years ago

you could do this with a bit of javascript and transparent layered PNGs but zoom may be a bit tricky