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How do I make circuit schematics for quadcopter? Answered

I have made a quadcopter using ESCs, brushless motors, Arduino UNO, MPU6050 and a battery. Now I want to design its schematics. But I dnt know which software to use to do that. I have tried to use fritzing, but its doeenst give me any components for brushless motors or ESCs.

So can anyone suggest me a good software used to make schematics for quadcopter?


You want to use CadSoft Eagle.

Are you trying to desing your own single board solution here?

I am just trying to create some simple schematics; wiring schematics. Like showing the different blocks and then connections inbetween them.

Then you need to make a block diagram not a schematic. No point in going through all the trouble to try and recreate existing circuits just to demostrait the wires' connecting between them.

I do mine in paint just because I like my technique and my schematics made my way.

However 123D Circuits Schematics by Autodesk is very easy to use I have used it and liked the ease of use.

Pencil and paper?

I am not really clear on what you need to do.

Are you going to make a PCB?

Or do you just want to work out what is joined up to what?

In general most RC stuff is plug and play so a circuit diagram isn't necessary - I realise you using your own microprocessor to act I guess as the flight controller but that should come on it's own PCB all you need to do is plug in the ESC's and receiver.