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How do I make custom tablet nibs? Answered

Back in October, I purchased a Genius EasyPen tablet. It only came with one tablet pen nib. It has lasted quite a bit, I guess, but I have noticed it is starting to reach its end. I have tried to buy some tablet nibs from the Genius website, but I couldn't purchase them for some reason. I guess the website's down or something, but I really can't wait much longer. I use my tablet quite a bit, so it would be a HUGE problem if I couldn't use it because I couldn't find nibs, so I thought I would make them. I heard you can make them out of toothpicks, but I don't know how to do it properly. Does one have a tutorial, especially focused around Genius pens? I would be forever grateful if someone would help me!!


You might find something interesting if you use the search term stylus rather then nib - or include stylus in you tags for this question to get better related links.

@RickHarris - Some brands of stylus have replaceable nibs - you slip the old one out and push a new one in.

@AwesomeKitten - did your stylus not come with spares?

My tablet only came with one nib. I did find a website that supplies the nib I need, but sadly, the website is down, and has been ever since I found out about the website. :(

Will a toothpick work on your tablet?

If it's a resistive touch tablet than anything that won't scratch the screen will work. Wood will likely scratch it. Pull the pen apart and try to mimic the shape of the nib with soft plastic. I would recommend a thermal plastic like Shape Lock. You can heat it up to about 150 degrees F and mold it by hand. It can be sanded and shaped one it cools back to a soft yet solid plastic.

If it is a "resistive touch tablet", than why not make a stylus out of sugru?