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How do I make easy wine like in the Bible era!? Answered

They had no chemical only grapes and a few urns! So how did they make simple drinkable wine long ago ?


In Biblical times, wine production was a little different. They would make grape juice by crushing grapes and they would filter it numerous times until they had just a juice (without the alcohol). But they also found that if they didn't filter the crushed grapes, the natural yeast would cause fermentation and produce wine. I'm not sure that they knew "yeast" was the magic ingredient, and that it would consume the natural sugars of the grapes producing alcohol, but they did notice a difference. So, in order to replicate the process, you need to ferment your unfiltered, crushed grapes until the yeast converts the sugars into alcohol. How long that will take... I have no idea. Modern wine making uses just the grape juice and to it they add yeast and sugar for fermentation.

I hope that helps. :)


6 years ago

We made wine from our own grapes long ago, with a sugar and ph test
kit in a 2 gal half filled collapsed container that was sealed after a month.
A year later it was.... wine like, not one worth serving.

My understanding of the alcohol benefit in biblical times was a lot safer
to drink then the water  :¬)


Grow grapes, mash them with your feet, sieve into a container, hope natural airborne yeast ferments it. Then decant into leather-bags (wine-skins)


Biblical wine was more of a slightly fermented grape juice. It didn't have nearly the alcohol content of today's wines.

But you don't need chemicals to make wine. All you need is grape juice, sugar and Yeast. Mix it all up, put it in a jug, cap it off really tight and stow it in a cool dark place for a couple of months or more.

You should never completely seal a fermenting mixture (although you need to keep oxygen out), as the carbon dioxide produced can build up enough pressure to cause the container to explode. The only exceptions are drinks that are carbonated once the bottle is sealed by adding a small amount of sugar, such as some champagnes.

Back then they would cap the jugs. Like i said the wine back then didn't ferment much and was more of a grape juice. So there was no danger.

but making your own wine you don't want to cap it. Use a balloon over the lid and strap it down good. As the alcohol ferments the balloon will fill with gas. After a couple of months the balloon will deflate and the wine is ready to go. Its a very crude wine and probably won't taste very good but its an easy way to make it.

I doubt that in medieval times they were able to cap the wine tightly.

As far as I understand by modern standards most wine we would call vinegar.

This is why they drank mead and ale which was easier to make and keep and sweet.

Well, you only need crushed grapes. Sugar is inside the grapes and yeast comes from the air - if you are lucky. If not, well, you'll get vinegar - or something even more nasty.

Cap it tightly? Not a good idea in my opinion. Yeast produces CO2, so any not pressure safe  containment will go _boom_ - and it was a long way from biblical times to the Champagne bottle.

So, what you need are only some crushed grapes, time and some luck.