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How do I make money over the internet? Answered

Hi everybody, Does anyone know a easy way of making money over the internet? My parents hardly give me any money and I need a easy way to make money so I can do more projects... I do not have a easy access to the outside world to make money because I am homeschooled, but I do have very easy access to the internet and want to know how to make money over the internet. Also, I am 15 years old... Thanks...


Wow, It's nice to see this article, because I have been looking for information about making money over the internet. Timely!

I am a member of MySurvey.com, and you take surveys for points. I almost have 3000 points, and at that point I can redeem it for a $30 check. Every 1000 points is $10.00.

Thanks Brennn10, unfortunately I am British, and only American residents can join the MySurvey... :(

I've heard of that site before! :D

Thanks, I will talk to my dad about that...

Well I have not requested to be paid. I am hoping to reach 3000 and redeem the check. If I wanted to redeem a $20 check, I could. Their system isn't automatic, so you can request when you want to get paid.

Let me know when you get it/cash it out. I never realized those were legit.

Hey W-Burg. I guess I forgot to tell you about MySurvey. I did get a $20.00 check from them. Pretty quickly too.


9 years ago

I have the perfect thing. With Moola, you can easily lose all your cash if you lose one game. But there is another site named Easy-Share, that will give you money if people download files that you upload to their site.
For me, when someone downloads a file of mine, I usually get a fifth of a cent per download. But if you make something reeally cool, upload it, and tell everybody on YouTube about it, you could very easily make $2,000.
Good luck. :D

Post service projects on craigslist then outsource them on elance.com, make a small profit every time.


10 years ago

I'd try moola.com. You start out with one free penny and play games to double your cash. If you win you get payed out real cash.

Could you give me your email so that I could refer you? I get 32 cents for every referral.

My email is ekaj1460@aol.com. Please recomend me because I can't sign up.

FYI: Remake. A more realistic problem: data trails You do need to supply a real name and address right? Unrealistic (hopefully) consequence: The robots will know where to find you when they revolt.

Lol, no I never did. I just followed your link though.

How'd your money making venture go (it's been quite some time!)?

. You need to set up some way to accept online payments from your customers. I have a Paypal merchant account for such things, but you may need to be 18.
. Then make something and sell it on Ebay, et al.

You need to be 18, and it's harder to get around than just ticking the right box - you need to supply credit card details.

I suggest you get a parent to set up the account, let you run it and then pass the proceeds back to you (if you leave the proceeds in a PayPal account, you can then use them directly to spend anywhere that takes PayPal).

I also suggest you sell you shockers as modern versions of the quack electroshock therapy machines. They turn up every few days in the collectables --> Science section, and tend to go for multiples of tens of pounds. Maybe add a variable resistor between the battery and the circuit, with a nice big knob to turn, box it up nicely and connect the high-voltage to a pair of short lengths of copper tubing.

Make sure you add lots of disclaimers to your description, and you're sorted.

Wow! You are very helpful kiteman! Thank you for telling all of this!

But I am a little confused on this part...
I also suggest you sell you shockers as modern versions of the quack electroshock therapy machines. They turn up every few days in the collectables--> Science section, and tend to go for multiples of tens of pounds.

Like this ebay item - they're old devices that used to be used to "cure" people of various ills by giving them an electric shock.

There are people who electrocute each other for, er, fun.

As for the price - you can make one of your shockers, and box it nicely, for much less than five quid. Get the right market (quack medicine fetish) and you could sell them for 10, 20, 30 GBP plus.

I had somebody once pay sixteen pounds for two pages cut from a knitting magazine. They knew what they were buying, but they still paid 16 quid for it...

he could prototype that and patent that and then be a millionaire!

Okay, I am stuck again, after my dad discovered I made some shockers, he got really furious at me, he did not want me to make shockers, because he feared that I might end up in jail for making shockers... :(

you may not be able to sell the actual shockers them selves, but what about selling plans for the shockers or other projects? (there free on the web, but they don't have to know!)

Haha! Good idea, but it is too late for me, the plans are already on the shocker instructable...

well it's always worth a shot! if you place a catchy advertisement describing super secret plans for a super tiny shocker you might have some luck. make the ebay listing appeal to impulse buyers, show a video of someone getting shocked by it. you wouldn't believe the how many stupid impulse buyers there are on ebay who don't even search online to see if the plans are free online. (the desire to shock one self for fun is usually synonymous with stupid impulse buyer)

... then try selling them to the local police as budget tazers?

At least your housing costs would be taken care of...

But do ebay allow 15 year olds to sell things on their site?
They would if you told them you were thirty-seven.
Did I say that? I didn't say that. Of course I didn't say that.

LOL! Okay, maybe my dad will help me on that...


9 years ago

I'm 15 and I make a living off selling World of Warcraft accounts that I use a bot to level to 70 with. You kinda need some experience in the actual game to be able to do that, though. But it does make a quite a bit of money.

You mean people would buy game accounts that are advanced?

make a cafepress shop and design things to sell

Yeah, I thought of that, but I am not good at design and such, I think I would make no money...

Instead of making money over the internet, make it using the internet some of the older crowd don't know every nook and cranny of the internet like kids do and would pay them to setup things for them I heard a story of a old Irish pub closing and the owner payed a guy to recreate it on Second Life

I clean & repair used instruments that I get from yard sales, flea markets, etc.

How does one go about cleaning and repairing used instruments? What tools do you use?

Here is a good instructable on how to clean a brass instrument; but it'll work on most metal instruments (trumpets, saxophones, nickel-silver flutes, etc)

As for repairing, that's a bit trickier. Some things I know how to do, but more difficult problems I take into a shop to get serviced.

If you can poke a string through holes in a bead, you can make necklaces. About $3 worth of plastic beads can sell for $15 or much more. I taught my daughters to string necklaces and they have an endless supply. Best money I ever spent (if you have daughters, you'll know what I'm talking about). You can make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from plastic or from more expensive parts. Real stones sell for more, but the same amount of "work" goes into every necklace. Practice (and practice) with plastic and when you're ready to jump, get some silver and polished stone "beads." This one is turquoise with silver separators. Oh, and give each necklace a fancy name. This one is the Navajo and is available on eBay for $32.95.


Hmm, good idea, I used to make necklaces a few years ago, but I lost interest in necklace making...

eBay has strict guidelines as to "what" can be sold, or even "how you describe it. Putting something in the wrong category can get the auction "terminated".