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How do I make myself less insecure? Answered

I'm kind of a mess and I'd like to feel a little bit better about myself. How do I do it?


who cares what others think,its about you being happy not them,but by admitting that youre insucure is a good first step to breakinf it

Insecurity is similar to any other fear, the best way to overcome it is to face it head on. If you're insecure about your knowledge, learn. If you're insecure about your looks, do something about them or learn to see them as assets instead of detractors. We tend to blow things out of proportion in our heads, especially when we are younger (teenagers). If you have someone you can trust, (a parent, best friend, teacher, etc.) talk to them about things. Not only is it likely that they'll reassure you, they'll also probably surprise you with things they are or were insecure about. Things you might have never thought they should be insecure about!

I've found that making sure everything I do has a purpose helps with my confidence. It's always comforting to know that the things you do help advance humanity and make the world a better place. There are tons of great ways to help out in a community and build solid, honest connections with other people.


9 years ago

Find one thing you're pretty good at, and work hard to become excellent. It can be a wacky little niche, but learn everything about it and make it your own. It can be a craft, a skill, an area of study - anything you can master.

Having one thing that makes you feel good, in a "wow, I really kick ass" kind of way, is a great base to build on.

It dosent matter what others think of you, i'm super insecure inside but i just ignore anyone who judges me without really knowing me.

Here is a good wiki-how on how to build self-confidence: