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How do I make or get a 3D printer extruder? Answered

I have NO clue where to get myself an extruder for my printer. Can anyone tell me? I'm hoping I can get it from a place in my city. What sort of shop would I look for?


I've never ever seen one in a store. I'm buiding a Hadron ORD bot, and I'm using a Makerbot Stepstruder Mk7. Fact is, unless you live near a machine shop that makes them (unlikely), you have to just bite the bullet and buy online.

Where are you in this wide world

What sort of budget have you got

Have you done a web search for more information

There are several CNC projects in Instructable if you search for CNC projects

Most consumer level 3D printers have an extruder head that feeds the plastic filament into a heated head. Reducing the size of the filament down to a smaller diameter that is then "extruded" out the end and onto the build platform to build the successive layers that make up the complex structure.

For more information about extruder heads and what they are made up of check out the Rep Rap Wiki. You may not be able to find all the parts needed in your local area. So you may have to buy what you need online or just buy a fully assembled head.