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How do I make sure the strings will stay put on my home-made guitar (for a physics project)? Answered


Easy! you take a saw and cut a very shallow notch in a block of wood (or long strip) or you just gett your drill and bits and drill a string sized holes. I would suggest a peice of wood wide enough to bolt is on all four coners (bolts are put into the larger holes which you would drilled.) All just child's play :)


9 years ago

use a small triangle file on the nut to make grooves. Make the grooves half as deep as the string is thick.

Use "classical guitar strings", not home made ones, these require less tension than steel strings. If you buy them from a guitar shop, they will string your guitar for you with the proper knots.

Cut some groves in the nut (upper end of the fingerboard) and bridge (soundboard)-the pieces that hold the strings up a little.