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How do I make tiles using glass from wine bottles? Some will use outside. Answered

I want to use the tiles for various projects, one of which will be a gazebo floor set into sand.


If you need to make flat tiles out of a curved glass, you need to either make them really really small, or use a kiln to slump them flat.

There used to be a bottle-cutting jig on the market (a few decades ago) for crafts like this. I've seen a couple variations of it since, but the principle remains the same. Any type of glass-cutting tool and a jig to hold the bottle steady and the cutter level. With this gadget you were supposed to make cups and ashtrays and stuff. Glass can be sawed, or scored&snapped.; Each method has it's applications with pros and cons. In your case, I suggest investing in a glass-cutting saw and building a jig to cut th e round bottoms off of your bottles. Plant them bottom-up in concrete and you've got a glass tile that you can walk on. The rest of the bottle can be broken and used to make broken-glass tiles (search that). You can get glass cutting "blades" at your hardware store. They're sold to fit various tools. They'll look sort of like an ordinary blade coated in sand. Just a word of caution, they will produce a lot of glass dust so wear a dust mask and eye protection. For a slightly safer option, consider investing in a wet tile saw, if you can find one big enough to make the cut. The water will cut down on the dust drastically (still wear your safety equipment) and make cleanup easier. Good luck!

Do you have (the use of) a furnace? Without this it's going to be difficult L