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How do I make vista run in 256 color mode for a game I want to play? Answered

 I was trying to get an old candyland game to run on vista and it said I needed to be in 256 color mode. I have no idea how to run 256 color mode and I've already searched goggle on it and checked the microsoft help site so I am pretty annoyed with this problem. Can anyone help me?


Create a shortcut to the game then right-click on it and select 'properties', then the 'compatibility' tab.  There you have a choice of how you want to run the program, including 256 colour mode.

 i can not seem to remember how to make a shortcut for it without reinstalling it

Use explorer to navigate to the directory where the game is installed. Look for the main executable - It will probably be called 'candyland.exe' or similar.
Right-click on this and drag to the desktop.  Release the mouse button and select 'create shortcut here' from the menu which appears.
You can then follow the steps above.

Terrific. The only thing I can add is that, since the game runs in 256 color mode, I'm assuming it's pretty old. On the disc or case, the game should tell you the most recent version of Windows it claims compatibility with; in the same compatibility tab, choose that version of Windows. This should help prevent compatibility issues.

Excellent suggestion.  That way you don't have to go thru so many screens to get it changed.

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Your color mode should be set in the software for your video card.

Go to control panel and look for display tab.  THen look under appearance or settings to find where to set the mode.

I'm looking at XP since my vista computer is at home and I'm at work but it's still similar.