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How do I make/hack a DVR? Answered

How do I make a DVR out of a server, a direct tv DVR, a TVO or something like that?  Remember, dumb it down for this newbie.




8 years ago

You start with a PC and plug in a TV tuner card which has video capture capability, hook it up to your antenna or cable, and run the DVR software that usually comes with it.  Make sure you have enough disk space to hold as much video as you'll want to record.

Or you plug in a video capture card, plug in the IR control hardware so it can control your existing tuner in something that has video output, and run the DVR software that usually comes with it.

Or you do a heck of a lot more work to build this up from scratch. Probably not worth the effort unless you're really interested in the deep details of computer hardware design and programming, and have a considerable amount of time (and money) to throw at it.