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How do I modify my MP5K to be able to fit a 9.6 volt battery? Answered

I want to modify my JG MP5K to fit a 9.6 volt stick battery. I need to do this so I can put a new motor and an M120 spring. With the 9.6 I would be able to pull an M120 with ease. The MP5K won't fit a 9.6 now so I need to know how to modify it.


they have different sizes for 9.6vlts... look for a 9.6 nunchuck/butterfly battery. theyre small enough to be universal. quick question though, do you play at an indoor arena? if not, why an mp5k? i know they look SWEET, but that wont help you anywhere that isnt CQB... (besides, you dont NEED a new battery if you want a new spring/motor, but thats realy up to you)

I actually play outside at an airsoft field. It turns out that it does fine in the field. I hit guys 150 feet away no problem. As for why, I bought it from friend and it was cool so that's why I bought it. Thanks for the answer.

thats unexpected, but good... i would expect more domination from an m4 and other rifles like that, but if it works well, use it!

Two words:  Duct tape.

 The stock isn't going to hold itself on with duct tape.

And yet a car can be duct taped to a pole and be suspended 5 feet in the air with the lift force being exerted on the pole with no problem.

OK, fine it would work but I want it to look good. Is someone going to actually answer the question?

If you do a good enough job it will look just fine.