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How do I move My satellite dish from home to my Rv? Answered

I want to take my sat. dish and reciever with in Our 5th wheel camper. Is there a way to do it with out going through a bunch of stuff.



Actually moving it accross and plugging it in shouldn't be too hard, but you will have to ensure the dish is accurately aligned every time you move it in order to pick up the signal, which may require a very solid stand and some specialist hardware.

Also make sure the dish is on it's own stand so when you move around in your RV you won't affect the alingment of the dish.


Also, the dish is not designed for the wind of driving around 100+km/h

Definitely want it removable and then a sturdy adjustable mount -- the factory mount is designed to be set once and bolted in place, not ideal for continuous adjustment.

In my experience the dish needs to be +- only a few degrees or you have severe degradation of quality.

What bunch of stuff do you imagine going through?


I didn't know if you have to call and tell thedish provider you would be moving it around with you.I don't know much about these things. I plan on getting a different dish to take with. The one on the house will stay there.

You're paying to receive a data-stream from a geostationary satellite network, so it doesn't matter to the provider if you move.
Now then, the provider may be offering you a service-package that is specific to your geography, so you might breach of contract if you take it overseas.


Now this is what I was looking for. We don't go out of the country with our camper. Pretty much around the wester states. I figured if anybody knew anything about this it would be somebody here. I appreciate all the help you've given me.
As an old timer I haven't kept up much on all this new stuffr. Again thanks much for your help.


You're welcome, but that's just my opinion. You'd do well to check with the service-provider, because you'll have to realign the dish every time the camper is moved. They should be able to give you coordinates for their satellite(s)