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How do I neatly open a soda can? Answered

I have tried with a can opener, but it leaves really rigid edges which are sharp, crooked, and dangerous.


There is a particular style of can opener I have found works well for this. I am not sure of the most recognized name for this style of can opener. I think it is called "camping", "GI", or "P38", can opener. It is a very small, compact, can opener, intended for camping, travel, or for fleeing your homeland as a refugee, which is kind of like camping I suppose...

Anyway, I took some pictures of this style can opener being used to cut the top out of an aluminum beverage can, here:




A pair of normal household scissors do a good job. if you want to avoid the sharp edge fold it over and press down hard.

THIS method should work as long as you're careful to not crush the can.


2 years ago

Pull the tab.

That would be too obvious don't you think?

Yes ;-)

Years ago when we wanted alcohol in a state park, Someone would drill a tiny hole 1/16 " in dia at the bottom of a 7-UP can, then we would let some soda out and squirt 20 cc of Seagram Seven whiskey to form the 7*7 cocktail and

neatly solder seal the hole closed.

No search of our coolers ever had a hint of the ruse !!

Yes the soda cans were easy to solder because we did not solder aluminum !