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How do I obtain a noise permit or discretionary license in Phoenix? Answered

I can't seem to find how to obtain one of these two documents from the city of phoenix (or maricopa county, as this might be a county issue). 


Google "city of Phoenix, AZ" gets to the City Web site as the very first hit: <a href="http://www.phoenix.gov/">www.phoenix.gov/</a>. Neither "noise permit" nor "discretionary license" give any decent hits on their internal Web site. You need more information about what your actual purpose is.<br /><br />Are you doing a one-off party? If so, the <a href="http://www.phoenix.gov/PARKS/">Parks and Rec </a>"beer permit" might be what you really need.<br /><br />Are you wanting to run a nightclub? The <a href="http://www.phoenix.gov/CITYCLERK/">City Clerk</a> handles business licenses; you should give them a call.<br /><br />There are separate noise issues related to aviation. Beyond this, you should try doing your own search on the city Web site, putting in search terms related to your specific needs, or calling departments directly.<br />

Obviosuly, these two types of documents exist as they are stated in the Phoenix noise ordinance, however, I can't find how to get one. 

I'm sure they exist.  Our equivalent search results imply that Phoenix's Web site is incomplete. I don't think this is particularly surprising :-/

Your home, or pocket, may contain a small device with a numeric keypad, microphone, and speaker, through which you can contact an actual human being who might be able to provide better results :-)  I know that seems archaic, but it's got to be better than driving down to City Hall....

What's that thing with a keypad you're talking about?  What's it for?  Can you get internet on it?

Some people say they can get internet on it,but I've only ever used it for doing peer-to-peer voice data exchange with individual people. 

Sometimes you get connected to a machine, but that's really weird 'cause the machine talks to you like a person, but doesn't understand what you say.  I don't think that's the internet.

Just because they're stated in the noise ordinance doesn't mean they really exist.  Sometimes things like that don't get created until someone actually needs or asks for them.  Well they did create one copy to file with the state when they registered the city noise ordinance.

Don't be surprised if you have to go thru several departments to find the one you are looking for.

Good luck.

I would start by calling the city permits department orcity secretary.

Then for the county try the county clerk's office. 

It's probably not something you can file or apply for online you will probably have to file the papers, pay the fee and maybe even meet with the board. 

Good luck.