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How do I open Minecraft.jar without any special programs? Answered

I want to open Minecraft.jar so I can get the Texture.png file, but without any special programs. I went into the Properties of Minecraft.jar and changed it to a .zip. I opened it up as a .zip, but the Texture.png wasn't there. How do I get it?


There are no textures stored in the .jar. Never where.

Don't know but a simple google image search will give you may options. You can find the original 16x16 or you can find higher def versions.

BTW you should get the update. It's easier to deal with the textures there and you have more control. Plus the Horses, quarts and all the other additions make Minecraft much more interesting. Unless your holding back because of a mod.

I probably will get the update. Texturing looks more user friendly, and the additions look awesome. BTW what's the size of the download?

Are you running the recent release of Minecraft? The recent 1.6 update changed the way Minecraft deals with textures. The texture.png file isn't used anymore. Check out the wiki.


If you are still on an older version then you can find the original png pretty much anywhere online.