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How do I paint something but still keep it transparent? Answered

I've got one of those clear plastic balls used for making Christmas ornaments. I need to make it pink but it still needs to be see-through, like a bubble. Is there a certain sort of paint I should use or is their just a trick with regular ole acrylic paint that'll do the trick?



Best Answer 2 years ago

Glass paints, available from most hobby or craft stores.

Try with some glass paint from hobby lobby or stores like that. they should have stuff that you need


You could try ordinary food coloring with a little washing liquid t make it wet the surface, swill it round the inside and pour out the excess, allow to dry.

Very very well diluted acrylic is almost transparent.


2 years ago

There are colored clear coats, but they are hard to find. Not sure if that won't react with the plastic though.

Or something like Pebeo Vitrail/Vitrea or any other clear glass paints.

You can also mix clear coat and the color you want to get what you want.

For that usually the plastic itself is filled with a transparent color.
You can get translucent paint, just like clear coat but it is hard to find as usually you do want proper coverage with no see through.
There are also special paints for glass, a lot of them are translucent, maybe checking with a local crafts or hobby shop might help to give more insight...