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How do I pair two blue tooth enabled devices that werent meant to be paired? Answered

I want to pair a headset with a small speaker so that I can speak into the headset and through the speaker over a distance, kinda like an intercom system or a one way walkie talkie. So I could put the speaker in something, for ex,  like a trash can and trick people into thinking someone is in it.


Not sure if it's even possible, but even if it is, the range of Bluetooth is pretty short. (If I remember correctly, using commercially available technologies, the range is less than 10 meters... Assuming no obstructions.) I think another wireless technology might work better. :)

Thank you for your help. What would you suggest I use to accomplish this?

No problem! Glad to help! What are you going to use it for, what range do you need, are you in the US (and if not, what country? It will affect what is legal to use and what isn't)?

Hey, thanks again for the help. I am in the US. It is for a university project. We have to post an instructable that: 1. uses a microcontroller 2. has a sensor 3. has a switch and 4. does something physical. My idea is to use a pan tilt servo to turn a creepy doll's head. It would be controlled through an arduino using a wireless wii nunchuck which takes care of the sensor and microcontroller requirements. I want the doll to be able to speek to the people around it as it watches them pass by.I want to be able to determine what it says on the spot to connect with the people present so using a prerecorded system wouldn't work for my idea. I also want to include an internet camera that will be streaming so that users from any computer can log on and see what the doll sees. I ordered a wireless microphone that I hope will connect to the little speaker I already ordered. I want the largest range possible so that I can be as far away from the doll as I can so that people dont know what is controlling it. I haven't picked a switch to use yet or how to use it. Any ideas for improvement?

What wireless mic did you order? If it's cheap (less than $250-$300) then it probably will not have the range you want. Post a link and I will tell you what I think the range will be.  You might also want to take a look at my ible "Problems with Wireless Microphones and how to fix them".  I do professional audio as a side job, so it is written for people using professional products, but there might be something in there that can help you.

If I were you, I would get a set cheap 2-way radios and take one apart and fit it into your project.  That's probably the most economical way to do what you want.  It will not have the sound quality of a professional system, but it should be good enough for what you want.

this is the camera:

Cisco-Linksys WVC54GC Wireless-G Internet Video Camera
Sold by Nave Communications
Condition: new $19.99

this is the link to the microphone:


I tried the 2 way radio thing. I bought a set of walkie talkies for about $20. they were perfect size, really little to fit in the doll but the problem was the annoying beep that sounded when you pushed and released the talk button so i took them back. I didnt know how to get rid of the beep.

I am VERY new to all of this stuff. This is my first class on it so I'm mostly lost.

Again, Thank you so much for helping me

The mic will have about 10 ft actual operating range at the most. You can turn the beep off on most 2-way radios... post the model number or link to the ones you have, and I'll take a look and tell you A. If it's possible, and B. how to do it if it is possible.

i returned the walkie talkies when i discovered the beep. is there a way to extend the range on the microphone?

There really isn't a way to extend the range... (at least legally). The only thing that I would suggest would be to add some wire attached to the antennas of the receiver. That will make the antenna "bigger" so it might receive the signal a little better. Also try and make sure it isn't by anything that can cause interference.

If you were to get new 2-ways (which would be what I would suggest), these are a new model of two that I own, and you can turn off the "roger" beep on mine, so I would assume you could on these too.

thanks, those look like the ones I had but maybe not. I got the microphone in and it works pretty well. The volume on the speaker is low but I think I can figure out how to make it louder. The range is pretty good too. Not as good as I would like but it works. I got the camera in and its bigger than I thought it was so I dont think it is going to work because it wont fit in the doll with all the other components. I'm now stuck on trying to the code to work for the wireless nunchuk. I was following an instructable but the code isnt working and Im not sure how to fix it.

Hmm... I'm not too good with micro controllers, but I would think that you could either leave a comment on the 'ible or PM the author and ask for help. Otherwise, maybe ask a question in the forums and see if anyone will help you.

Glad to hear the audio works... Good luck with your numchuk. :)

thanks again for your help. I've trying different codes all day. no luck. the code people post that worked for them wont load for me. so frustrating!

Hmm... Is it a serial connection? If so; Is the baud rate set correctly? Are you using the exact same equipment that the instructable used? If not; is there any hardware differences that might account for the error? Is there a syntax error, or does it just not work? That's the sort of questions you should ask yourself in a situation like this. Feel free to post responses if you need help... I'll do my best to help you out, but like I said... I'm not really good with micro controllers. :)

you are much better with them than I. Most of that was over my head but I'll keep at it. There is a hardware and software difference that I know of, and some errors are from that, but I've fixed all I know how to fix. I might just change to a wireless ps3 remote. Maybe that will be easier

OK... the main thing I'm wondering is if there is a syntax error, or if it seems to be uploading to the microcontroller OK, but just doesn't seem to work after it's uploaded. That's one of the most basic places to start. It will tell you if you have a hardware or software issue.

most codes won't verify so I cant upload them. They say that certain things werent defined in the scope but they were so im confused. Other codes will verify and load but then they dont work when they are loaded. I've got one working code but its not written to control a servo and Im not sure how to write code to change that. But at least its one step closer. I have a working code for a wired nunchuk now so thats something.

Well good luck... I would say that the codes that upload and don't work are hardware issues... the other codes I can't help you with. I assume you aren't using a basic stamp module, which is the only microcontroller code I am familiar with. (And I only have a basic understanding of that.) I'm happy to help you with whatever I can, but like I said, I'm not the best with microcontrollers. ;)

SUCCESS!! I asked for help from my friend Robert. I dont think he had any previous experience with arduinos and not much with the code language but he figured it out! It works now! woo hoo!!!!! Now I just want to tweak it to slow the movement down, its really fast and sensitive but if I cant ,its alright cause it works! Thanks for your help!

No problem! I'm glad to hear it worked! :)

Oh, and the camera should work just fine.

Can't be done. Neither item is a mater Bluetooth device that can detect other Bluetooth devices and instigate the pairing.

Your best bet may be a pair of 2 way radios.