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How do I permanently delete a tracking cookie? Answered

I use Internet Explorer as my primary browser and Symantec Endpoint Protection as antivirus. Everytime I run an full scan, it says it finds the same tracking cookie and its primary action was to be deleted. However, it appears again if I run another scan even though I don't use the internet between scans. Is there a way to delete this cookie and is it possible it is a threat to my computer?


It shouldn't be a threat, but its hard to say without looking at it... That being said, to delete any cookie(s), you'll need to go to tools and internet options (or internet properties) then look for "browsing history" (should be under the general tab). You'll see the option to delete and for settings. It should be fairly self-explanatory at this point, but if you need more help, just ask. ;)

I tried this and it keeps appearing. In the log, it says (myname)@doubleclick.net, so I'm guessing it's probably from me accidentally clicking an ad (no idea how it has my name). If you know how to further help me remove this that would be great. Thanks.

Ok, now I understand the issue, but don't worry, it's NOT a problem, and you actually don't need to remove it (despite Symantec's recommendation).

This tracking cookie is used by Google and other websites (like Instructables), and its primary function is to control the Ad's you see. For example, it controls the amount of times an Ad appears for you, so you don't see the same one 50 times...

You can read more about it directly from Google, but like I said, I wouldn't worry about it. You should have another option (like ignore) with Symantec (other than delete). Even if you were to delete it, it will come back the moment you use Google, or any "partner" website, like Instructables.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. ;)