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How do I play a song from my computer using arduino? Answered

Hello! I am a maker beginner and I need some help!  :(

I am trying to make a device that detects when it is moving and then plays a song from the computer. Right now I have an accelerometer from adafruit which is attached to the adafruit flora. the information is being displayed through the serial monitor and now I am struggling with trying to play an mp3 file when it hits a certain coordinate that is being displayed in the serial monitor. 

does anyone know how they would go about it? Is there any tutorials online that I can search from? 

I know it may be a simple question but I am not sure what to do...

Thank you! 


Are you asking how to play a song on your flora, OR are you asking how to have the accelerometer send a signal to your computer (and play a song through your comp speakers?)

Try using Wave HC shield. you can put songs on an SD card and play them from your arduino. You can find it on Adafruit's website.