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How do I power this audio sound recording module? Answered

I just bought this:
(also see attached photo). I also bought this:
to power it with. However, having received them, I realized I have no idea how to wire them up. I'd prefer not to buy anything extra and to just solder the bits I need together. Is that possible? If it is, what do I connect to what? If not, what additional stuff do I need to buy?
My electronics knowledge is slight, and certainly insufficient to make sense of Googled results.
Many thanks for any advice.



Best Answer 4 years ago

A suitable connector would be good idea, but you can solder

the red battery wire to the back of the board where the Vcc pin is itself soldered and

the black battery wire to the back of the board where the GND pin is next to the Vcc.

Does this module use the speaker as the microphone ?

Can you supply your own mike ?

Thanks. The mic is the large round thing at top left. I will give that a shot (without soldering yet) and get back to you...

Have you ever used clip-cords ?


Nope. But I recognize them! It's very early days for me on the electronic side of things, so I know what I want to happen but I'm very sketchy on the how...

Anyway, thanks. That worked a treat.