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How do I prank my long distance boyfriend? Answered

My boyfriend is at school right now and i'm at home.we live 2 hours away from each other so it's a long distance relationship & I REALLY wanna prank him when he calls me later today.Any ideas?Telling him I'm pregnant or that i'm going to break up with him has already been suggested but i want something different.btw,me & his parents get along really well if that helps.


If you put your arm in front of the phone and shout is it again!?! I hate that freak! And it sounds like someone was saying that to you.

buy a long distance break up note crossbow.

Start sobbing uncontrollably, Beg him to come and see you, say that your house was broken into and that many of your possesions are stolen. That your parents are fighting and they are threatening to make you move in with a distant relative or that they are going to move farther away. Just beg and don't give up.

Those are awful pranks - making people worry is terrible, especially for a quick joke. There are plenty of better options (like getting hopes up, mentioned below)

Tell him you won the Lottery.