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How do I prepare my body in Tampa for mountain climb 15748 ft. high? Answered

Living in Tampa FL, how do I prepare my body for a high altitude mountain climb in another country? Just to the safe house (15748 ft.) before true climbers travel to the peak (19,347 ft), no higher. Specifically Cotopaxi. I have 8 months left and I've done it before but it was REALLY hard. Any tips?


Maybe do your workouts on a stairclimber or wear a 40lb rucksack when you go for a run. Simulating the high altitude may be hard but at least get the body in shape for the stress so it can acclimate easier.

In tampa, you're 'near' sea level - any way to exercise in a reduced oxygen environment should help build your metabolism for that kind of work.

I don't directly recommend using a sort of re-breather mask - because the increased carbon dioxide would affect you, and increase lactic acid in the muscles = pain -- but that sort of training could help your cardio build up. If you have access to a hypobaric chamber.. ;)