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How do I prevent my great solar idea from being patented? Answered

I have solved the solar energy crises by connecting linkages on the ground in a matrix pattern with a mirror on each small 
plastic linkage, that all move in the same fashion.

30x30 m grids can focus all their energy on a single thermal element. My problem is that I don't want to publish this only to have 
some company patent the idea and deprive humanity of energy.

What now? 



i suggest getting to know the prior art. If details of your idea go beyond what has been done before, then you've got something.

Have you worked out specific details?

1. You have just published it.

2. It's been done (google for solar mirror farm).

3. If you publish it, and make it open-source, anybody can use it, patents be damned.

unless of course his "idea" is already patented...at which point making his idea open source would lead to lawsuits (maybe)

No, because it would only be a description of a patented product. KNOWING about the product isn't infringing. MAKING and SELLING the patented product IS. IIRC, US Patent law allows an exemption for making a patented item for personal use, but I may be wrong

IANAL but "open-source" is a licensing model...it's typically a free licensing model. patenting is another licensing model. releasing something that is covered under a restrictive licensing model in a less restrictive licensing model is against patent law.

so, like....figuring out how to make an iPad at home probably won't get you sued....posting the schematics for one probably will.

also "getting you sued" and "you's be breakin da lawz!" are two different states.

A patent is not a licence. One can make something UNDER licence from a patent holder, but a patent asserts your right, in law, to your unique IP.

destroy it them melt the pieces, then grind the pieces, then melt into a blob and hand it to the person that is trying to patent it and say "In yo face, what now!"

I made the same mistake with my Copenhagen Solar Cooker and now I can not patent it. So since it was out there in all its glory I made a free pattern (instructable: Purple Fig Solar Cooker) to discourage copiers. I can still sell them but fewer people would want to make them commercially. Getting the knowledge out there is my main interest. Also there are already mirror arrays Heliostats on the market. There is a huge multistory building that is a solar collector in Europe. It is powered by an array of linked mirrors.

Steve is correct. When they were sequencing the human genome, the way they prevented unscupulous companies from patenting the discoveries, was to publish the information.

You have just published it. It can no longer be patented, because your publication is now prior art. If that's your intention, the more of it you publish the fewer opportunities anyone will have for patenting something similar.