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How do I prevent razor burn? Answered

PLEASE HELP!! Every time I shave I get razor burn. it doesnt matter how new the razor is. I dont know why this always seems to happen to me. are there any good hair removal products out there that are actually effective?? or are there any products I can apply to my legs after I shave?? anything will help!!



It is so scary to think about all the chemicals that people put on their bodies without even knowing. Its better to use some chemical free deodorants.
you can get some natural products here:

I was plagued with this problem due to my thick stubble with more cross hair layers than average. Some people can shave electric without problems, i cannot. I have tried cold water pre treatment, it never worked. The -only- thing that has ever worked for me getting away completely bump/irritation free whilst having a totally smooth shave, is if I shave in the shower. Warm to slightly hot on the face, and I do it last after I am completely softened up in the face and neck skin. It works so well I can even put my fancy cream/oil aside and even get away with shaving with bar soap without issue. AFTER the shave i like ice cold water on my face and neck.. I come out with no redness that I would've had if I was over the sink. Cons: - Have to take a shower just to shave. - have to wait for the face to be soft enough... if i jump the gun it's nick city - sometimes an overly warm shower can make the rest of you uncomfortable, but rinsing with cool solves it.


8 years ago

Hands down, the best product I've ever seen to eliminate razor burn is this:

It's actually an all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant, which works to impede bacterial growth. It also assists in reducing inflammation. The greatest thing about this product is that because it's a solid natural crystal of salt, it will last for at least a year! You just wet it (or your face, or wherever you need to apply it) and rub it over the area.

It's especially great for razor bump in those, er, private areas. Love it.

Don't use shaving foam, use shaving oil. I use King of Shaves - tiny bottle, but you only use a few drops at a time.

They have a product for women, which I assume is for legs...

Shave cool, or cold. Open pores get wratched more by the blade, causing more irritation. Use a decent blade (el cheapo works, but is more likely to irritate) Rinse cold right away. Make sure you're using a good lubricant - soap dries the skin, but work. Conditioner, or moisturizer works...even peanut butter is said to be a good alternative if you're stuck. Don't use too much pressure. Just enough to get the hairs. Some people (like me) have sensitive skin, and get irritated no matter what. Check the health section of a pharmacy/supermarket for aftershave lotion. It helps quite a bit to sooth the skin you just ravaged with a sharp blade :D Lastly, dont use nair or other 'dissolving' treatments. They're awful for sensitive skin.


9 years ago

Try putting hair conditioner on your legs (instead of shave gel) before you shave, it is great for moisturizing and don't shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. . I usually shave in the shower, and I don't really have a problem with razor burn. Put aloe vera and tea tree oil on your razor burn to soothe it and help it heal faster.