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How do I program a Lego Mindsorms NXT brick to interact with another one? Answered

Right now I got a second NXT brick and I want to use one of the bricks to control the other using bluetooth.  I also want to learn to make a remote control for future projects.  I have the two NXT bricks and the bluetooth but  I am not sure how to program it.  Do you guys know how to do this?



Best Answer 7 years ago

in the software that comes with the kit u can use the send and recieve blocks to send messages then make the other nxt do something when it recieves that message. also to connect them together on the nxt brick you go into blootooth turn it on then search do tht with both nxts then you can run the program

It is possible with the nxt with original software, never done it but i read how a while ago when i was looking for a remote control with my ipod, but it doesnt directly connect, oh well. but the nxts can. I believe you have to connect them to each other using the bluetooth tile, and then you might be able to access more features. I think you may have to write a specific program for it. I would google it, thats what i did, and i learned a lot about nxt.

Oh, and you can have up to four bricks connected together, and it connects by having one be a controller, and the others receive. There are some sweet controllers Ive seen people build.

Just look around, and you can figure it out, I wish I could tell you more, and I bet you were hoping for more, but I hope Ive helped.

I'm not sure it's possible without gutting the brick and replacing it with something running custom code. Have you tried asking Lego?