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How do I protect my circuit board inside a stuffed animal from static? Answered

I'm making a stuffed animal toy that sings a custom song. I'm using a radio shack audio recorder module (http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102855), but it's just a naked board and I'm worried about it getting fried from static when inside the fluff of a stuffed animal toy



Best Answer 6 years ago

Put it inside a static proof plastic bag. Many user electronic components are packed inside them.

Careful some static bags are conductive on the inside :-o

And then seal that bag with electrical tape? I'm sorry for asking stupid questions; I just don't like to assume anything.

Yep, electrical tape will work fine, but many of the anti-static bags have a zip lock so it wouldn't be necessary to do anything except make sure the zip lock is secured.

Static shouldnt be an issue. Without a moving point to create a short, there shouldnt be point of potential discharge. The stuffing, though able to create a potential difference, cant discharge across the circuit, to itself.


6 years ago

The obvious answer is put the circuit in a projects box.
You avoid static by preventing rubbing feiction.
Try wrapping the circuit in electrical tape,
put tin foil around the tape and ground it to the negative.