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How do I protect the rhinestone gems that I've put on my mobile phone case? Answered

I've decorated my mobile phone's case by gluing on it some false rhinestone gems (made of acrylics). I would like to put a protective film on them so that the rhinestones stay in place and do not fall off so quickly. See my decorated mobile phone case at the link! http://pupe.ameba.jp/item/34hSx34lh_4Q/cbf5FCEp97nM/!


I know this sounds weird but it actually works. First you get shoe polish and put 1/2 cup of vegitable oil in it. Next you mix it then put a thin coat of the shoe polish with the vegitable oil on it (make sure to use a thin paintbrush for this). Then let it sit for 2 hours and then Tada the rhinestones will never come off again.?


9 years ago

A cheap way is to put topcote nail varnish on top. Do not use old topcoat that is thick or lumpy. A thin layer looks better. just run it over the stones and a tiny bit around the base of them. Its optional to paint over your entire face of the mobile. I do that when i want to change the colour of my mobile and protect the little gems that i stick on.

get someone to install that invisible shield stuff they put on helicopter blades (or on iphones)